This won't come as a surprise to those of us who live in South Louisiana, but it's still great advice.

The Journal of Positive Psychology posted the results of a study on the effects of a person's surroundings on their psychological state. Some participants were sent to a park on the campus where the study was done and others were sent to a windowless room in one of the school's buildings. They were then asked to scale their feelings of pleasure, comfort, and awe and wonder. Those in the park felt more joy, peace, and awe from being outdoors just five minutes. The study concluded that the best and fastest way to boost your mood is to go outside and spend five minutes or more with nature. If you can't do that, the study also found that looking at images of nature can also boost your mood but not as much as the real thing.

Click here for more on the study, but read it in your backyard!

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