Valentine's Day is the day to make sure the significant other in your life know how much they are loved. Candy, cards, dinner reservations, and quality time will be had all over Acadiana.

However, if you really want to kick your Valentine's Day up a few notches, maybe this Cajun love spell is exactly what you need.

Clearly, we all know in most cases, all you need to a good Cajun fall in love is some delicious gumbo or rice and gravy, great music, and some cold Bud Light. But if you're looking to stack the deck in your favor as much as possible, maybe a Cajun love spell is just what you're looking for.


Joshua J Cotten via
Joshua J Cotten via


Valentine's Day Love Spell

I found this Cajun love spell over at Have you ever heard of this one?

Let me know if you try it, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Use a white linen handkerchief with lace trim or embroidery.


Use a plain, white cotton handkerchief.

How To Do It:

To begin, wash the handkerchief in sea-salted water. Rinse thoroughly, and iron with starch while it is still slightly damp. The handkerchief should be fairly stiff.

Next, jog in place to work up a good sweat, then fold the handkerchief diagonally one time. Fold the triangle in three, and pull back the points to fashion a flower.

Take the flower handkerchief and gently swab the sweat from your body, especially under your arms, where pheromones are most strong.

Lightly spray the handkerchief with sandalwood perfume. When you next see your lover, use it to wipe his or her brow.

Bury the handkerchief in the Earth during the next Full Moon.

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