Reddit user TheGentlemanLoser posted the question "What Acadiana Trends Need To Die?", and some of the answers were surprising.

TheGentlemanLoser's "personal pick" would be for people to stop spelling things ending in "eaux", as in "geaux" for "go", "sneaux" for "snow", etc.

Wimboslice24 added "using coon*** language as actual business marketing, like "Da Best in Town!".

Cbrum11 thinks that the self-storage trend should die, and specifically called out the one at the corner of Johnston and Camellia.

ZJLeblanc thinks that the fleur-de-lis is overused.

AndRedMD doesn't like the trend of people putting stickers on vehicles, including "salt life, if it flies it dies, costa, etc..."

WWJDForAKlondikeBar says that "People being proud to call themselves "coon***" is a trend that needs to die, too. (I am not sure what Jesus would do for a Klondike Bar, but it is fun to ponder that question.)

Are there any "trends" or "habits" that we have in Acadiana that you think should go by the wayside?


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