Call me old, say I'm "out of touch" and after you see my comments in this story you can troll me on social media until pigs fly over Iberia Parish...I don't care. The new trend in denim jeans is RIDICULOUS. Fashion jeans that look "wet".

Fashion jeans that look like you had a bladder mishap are not cool, funny or amusing to me. To me...this is just a bunch of designers out of ideas, trying to make a buck off a society whose values are diminishing by the day.

As a Holloween costume? To enhance a comedic scene in a movie? A private joke? Okay, maybe. To wear out of the house as your regular clothing for the day? No way in hell.

Every pair is individually prepared by hand, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and enabling a fully custom design of the splash pattern.

I believe a person who would include these jeans in their everyday attire, is starved for attention. I would say to that person, "get a dog and go hang out at the park" if you're that hungry for attention. Or better yet, do something good for your community and end up on the six o'clock news. Create meaningful sayings and post those to social media every day. Volunteer. Try getting noticed for doing something nice.

Designers like Halston, Versace, Armani, Donna Karan, Chanel, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Vera Wang, Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, Kors, Hilfiger, Kate Spade and the likes, are/were fashion geniuses. People who have/had extraordinary fashion sense. Not some silly ideas like urine-laden blue jeans in some get rich quick scheme that preys on the ill standards of the new world.

These jeans are $75 a pair (including shipping). I wouldn't pay 75 cents for them.


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