It's a given that kids will do things they shouldn't, but these latest challenges could be deadly.

I noticed two new 'challenges' being talked about on social media this week, the 'skullbreaker challenge' and the 'skip challenge.' The skullbreaker challenge involves tripping someone so that they land or their backs or hit the back of their heads when they land on the ground. Here's the challenge in action:

The 'skip challenge' is also known as 'the pass out game,' and involves pressing on someone's chest until they pass out. Doctors warn that doing this causes a decrease in oxygen to the brain and could lead to seizures, brain damage, and even death. The game made the rounds on social media as far back as 2007 and reappeared in 2017. It's apparently back and making the rounds again.

We can't control what teens and young people will do but we can at least make them aware of the dangers of participating in these 'challenges' so that they're prepared if they encounter them when they're out with their peers.

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