Did you know about edible utensils? I did not know about this but it doesn’t surprise me that someone came up with the idea to create them.

More and more people are looking for ways to limit the amount of plastic they use in their everyday lives.

While many companies have begun making biodegradable cutlery a few companies have been working on edible cutlery. Only a handful of companies have started working on perfecting this idea of edible utensils.

These edible utensils are mainly made out of food products like wheat flour, corn flour, soybean flour, and water. Which makes them not only biodegradable but also edible.

“The idea for edible utensils is originally from a Japanese designer in 2008, He made conceptual utensils like bowls and chopsticks out of flour. Then the first one to use this concept to actually make functional utensils was a group from India, but they didn’t have a mold that could make the flour-based utensils strong enough to actually use—the utensils kept breaking.” Zhicong “Zack” Kong founder of TwentyFiftyFork said.

There are currently three U.S.-based companies that are working to create these new utensils, they are Edibles by Jack, IncredibleEats, and TwentyFifty Fork.

Each one is doing its part to limit the amount of plastic waste that consumers throw away every day.

Now you may not be into eating cutlery and that is okay, I can honestly say that while this is a good idea for the environment I don't think I would eat my utensils once I was finished eating my meals.

Many of these utensils can also be used to fertilize your plants. So if you come across these edible utensils don’t feel pressured to eat them. They can be used for other purposes.

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