Men have tried everything throughout the years to make their face look better. The latest facial hair trend has left many online asking, "WHY?". Others are considering jumping on board with this new, and now viral, look.

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Having good facial hair is important to a lot of men, but some online are saying this new style has gone a bit too far. I had to look more into the public opinion.

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From the world of Twitter's reactions, it seems like most men think this is hilarious and some even like the facial hair style. But, the resounding answer from women is that this is a BIG no-go; which probably means that it is a bad idea.

Now, I am not sure who the genius is that created this beard style. But, whoever that person is obviously had a spark of creativity. They were probably in front of the mirror giving themselves a trim up one day and thought, "Well what if I went for more of a primate look?".

If only that man had some good friends or family around to stop this terrible idea from ever coming into existence. But, we all know the internet by now. This idea has snowballed into a trend that I am not sure can be stopped.

After doing some digging, I found out that this trend may not be as new as I thought. A search on Twitter brought me to photos of monkey tail beards that date all the way back to 2012! Right when I was ready to give up on this trend, I found these old takes on the look...

Almost a decade ago, there were women who were actually DIGGING the monkey tail beard. Now, it seems as though only men are on board with rocking a primates furry tail on their mugs.

Hey fellas, if you're into this look, then go bananas! But, I personally will defer to the women of today's opinion and stay away from the monkey tail beard.

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