We are setting new records for organ donation in Louisiana. This means Louisiana is saving more lives than ever and personally, this warms my heart.  The core purpose of the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) is “Making Life Happen”.  The group helps to save and enhance lives through organ donation. I speak from the heart when I say that LOPA genuinely cares about the donor families.  Although they need the organs to perform life-saving transplants, their thoughts are always with the donors and their families who make the second-chances possible.  As a mother of an organ donor, they truly brought and continue to bring me so much comfort, hope, and peace. The support LOPA provides, along with the fact that my son saved 4 lives and enhanced the lives of so many, gives me peace.

LOPA Facebook Page
LOPA Facebook Page

Through volunteers, families touched by organ donation and the staff at LOPA’s countless efforts to educate the community, more people are registering themselves as organ donors.  LOPA provided 754 organs for transplant from 233 donors, and it recovered 102 organs unsuitable for transplant and let them be used for research and medical advancement, according to Kirsten Heintz of LOPA.  In addition to that, 436 tissue donors provided tissue statewide.  There are 2,000 still waiting for a transplant in Louisiana, so LOPA is striving to get even more people registered.

Let’s continue to raise that number in Louisiana and set new records. Let’s continue to make life happen.  Register today to make a difference.

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