It is reported that actress Anne Heche will be removed from life support today.

Heche, who had won several awards during her acting career, was involved in a fiery crash last week that left her with severe injuries, including burns and an anoxic brain injury.

An anoxic brain injury occurs when the oxygen supply to the brain is cut off for an extended period of time.

It was reported that it took first responders over an hour to remove her from the wreckage as the crash started a fire that had to be brought under control. It was then, around 65 minutes after the crash, that first responders could enter the area.

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On Friday, doctors treating Heche determined that her injuries were so severe that she would never recover and that all indications showed that she was "brain dead".

She remained on life support in an effort of keeping her organs viable, as she was a registered organ donor.

Anne Heche's spokesperson, according to NBC News, said that doctors were waiting for "matches", people who were candidates to receive Heche's organs, before removing the actress from life support.

“While Anne is legally dead according to California law, her heart is still beating, and she has not been taken off life support so that One Legacy can see if she is a match for organ donation... Spokesperson for Anne Heche, via NBC News

According to the story, patients awaiting transplants who matched with Heche have been located and doctors are preparing to perform those surgeries.

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While we are saddened by the loss of a tremendous actress, we are grateful for her final selfless act of organ donation.

We hope that her final act of organ donation provides a better quality of life for the patients receiving her gift.

You, too, can pledge to donate your organs upon your death. Put a checkmark in the Organ Donor section on your driver's license so first responders will know if something were to happen to you, and the next time you renew your license, tell the OMV that you want to be listed as a donor.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

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