I used to watch Popeye as a small boy. He sure loved his spinach! I figured it must be great stuff if Popeye liked it, so I begged Mom to get some. When she cooked it & served me some, I couldn't believe how awful it was! In my adult life, I have developed a taste for spinach. I usually doctor it up with some butter, Tobasco, bacon,and / or tasso, maybe sausage. Do your kids turn their noses up at green beans, broccoli, carrots, etc.? Try a little marketing, and promotion. Time reports, people are more likely to consume foods when appealing terms are added to their description. Researchers at Stanford University monitored responses to various vegetables by their labeling. Foods listed simply as "corn," "green beans,'' got lukewarm response. When identically prepared items, labeled with terms like "spicy," "sweet," "sizzling," 25% more subjects ate them. Serving sizes increased by nearly 1/4 as well. Want your kids to eat their veggies? Try calling them "sweet, spicy, buttery green beans," and see what happens.

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