You never want to hear news of small business closing.

By now most in Louisiana are aware of the lack of crawfish thus far in this season, and we can only hope things improve with the recent rainfall.

However, while we wait for more crawfish to be caught and delivered to distributors, small businesses that rely on the southern delicacy are hurting.

Some are struggling so much that a small business in North Louisiana had to announce that it's closing its doors until more crawfish are available---if they ever do become available this season.

Crawfish Seasoning: In the pot? Or in the Ice Chest?
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Crawfish City in West Monroe announced that they are closed until further notice and they're asking for everyone to keep them, their employees, and everyone in the industry in their prayers during this very difficult time.

In a recent report, which you can read HERE, we noted that the outlook does not look good for the crawfish crop as we begin the new year, and there are some variables contributing to the lack of crawfish in ponds.

We hope that more small businesses aren't affected by the lack of crawfish, but because we are in the deep south, we know many here do rely on a good harvest, which we just have not seen yet.

Here's the unfortunate post by a small business in North Louisiana.


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