No propane? No burner? No boiling pot? No problem with Swamp Buckets electric boiling bucket. Have you seen these yet?

Swamp Buckets
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Swamp Buckets LLC Boiling Buckets

Obviously, when it comes to boiling crawfish, shrimp, crabs, or any type of seafood, there's quite a lot that comes along with making it all happen.

You need the right kind of boiling pot for whatever you're boiling, you need a burner and a propane tank with the proper regulator.

As we call it in Acadiana, a "rig" or "boiling rig".

These things can really add up cost-wise, not to mention some folks just aren't comfortable having anything to do with flammable, combustible gas.

Boiled Crawfish
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Or, maybe sometimes you just want to boil a little bit of seafood, say just enough you or you and a couple of people.

Sure, you can toss a pot on the stove, but you might not want your entire house to smell like a crawfish boil for a week, and setting up the entire boiling rig for just a few pounds just doesn't make sense.

If any of the things mentioned above are keeping you from having more seafood boils, then your day is about to quite possibly be made.

Have you heard of Swamp Buckets boiling buckets yet?

 How Do Swamp Buckets Work?

The simple explanation from Swamp Buckets' Facebook page -

"Electric Boiling Bucket for smaller batches of seafood, turkey necks, peanuts, etc. Just add water and plug it in!!!"

Swamp Buckets, made in Back Brusly, La, have an electric heating element that you simply plug in and it heats the water to a boil.

Are Swamp Buckets Safe
YouTube Via Swamp Buckets

Add water and seasoning, plug it in, and start boiling!

Are Swamp Buckets Safe?

According to Swamp Buckets, yep!

Ready to find out what Swamp Buckets are all about? Head over to and let us know what you think!

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