Good morning Acadiana. To say it's going to be a bad hair day is an understatement. Storms could be severe this afternoon. Storms will move through our area quickly dropping temperatures. 90% chance for rain today. Today is National Weatherperson's Day, Shower With A Friend Day and Nutella Day.


101 years ago - In 1919, the United Artists movie studio was created.

71 years ago - In 1949, the IRS revealed that Humphrey Bogart was Hollywood's highest-paid actor, earning $467,000. Bette Davis was the Oprah of her time. Davis became the highest-paid woman of ANY profession in America, earning $328,000.

67 years ago - In 1953, Walt Disney's "Peter Pan" opened.

54 years ago - In 1966, the Marketts entered "Billboard" magazine's Hot 100 chart with a song titled "Batman Theme". The song stayed on the chart for nine weeks peaking at number 17.

43 years ago - In 1977, the "Barney Miller" spin-off, "Fish", premiered on ABC.

32 years ago - In 1988, Andre the Giant defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship title.

28 years ago - In 1992, New Kids on the Block performed on "The Arsenio Hall Show" because a disgruntled fan was suing the group for 75 million dollars claiming the group lip-synched their music. The charges were dropped.

19 years ago - In 2001, Kelly Ripa officially replaced Kathie Lee Gifford.

19 years ago - In 2001, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman announced that they were breaking up. We all know how that ended.

18 years ago - In 2002, Winona Ryder shoplifted.  


Esme Creed-Miles is 20. One of the stars of "Hanna".

Darren Criss is 33. Blaine on "Glee" and he did an amazing job playing Versace's killer on "American Crime Story". He and his wife were married in New Orleans.

Cristiano Ronaldo is 35. Soccer great.

Tyler Farr is 36. Country singer.

Sara Evans is 49. Country singer.

Bobby Brown is 51.

Chris Parnell is 53. Actor.

Jennifer Jason Leigh is 58. Actress.

Tim Meadows is 59. "The Ladies Man".

Christopher Guest is 72. Actor.

Al Kooper is 76. Blood, Sweat & Tears founder.

Roger Staubach is 78. Legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Hank Aaron is 86. He hit 755 home runs without steroids.

Trayvon Martin (1995 - 2012). 17-year-old black teenager shot by a white neighborhood watch volunteer.

Red Buttons (1919 - 2006) Comedian.

Cory Wells from Three Dog Night. (1941 - 2015).


• 9 days until Valentine's Day.

• 32 days until Daylight Saving Time.

• 56 days until April Fools' Day.


Today: 90% chance for rain. Storms could be severe, 75.

Tonight: Rain continues. 80% chance for rain. Storms could be severe, 46.

Thursday: 60% chance for rain early, 53.

Friday: Perfect, 64.

Saturday: 10% chance for rain, 69.

Sunday: 10% chance for rain, 72.

Have a good day!

cj and jenn





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