It was an ugly scene outside of DeRidder High School Friday night after police were called to the school due to a fight after a high school basketball game.

KPLC reports members of the Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office and DeRidder Police Department were attacked by juveniles while they were on the scene attempting to break up the fights.

Then, a video surfaced that shows several police officers on top of someone, who eyewitnesses say is a 16-year-old.

According to KPLC News, three juveniles were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace/fighting, resisting an officer by force or violence, and battery of a police officer.

The juveniles were booked into jail, then ultimately turned over to their parents.

Now, many are questioning what happened in the video below as you see police attempting to detain someone.

You can hear many in the background screaming for the police to stop as they struggled with the person who was on the ground.

The incident from the high school campus is reportedly under investigation and we'll continue to follow this story.


Another Facebook user posted this after the incident from outside of DeRidder High School Friday night.


A family member of the person under the police in the above video had this to say in the comment sections of the post.



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