If you listen really closely you can hear the sound of the camel's back breaking. That's because last night's drama at the Vermilion Parish School Board may have just been the straw to send the camel and any other reasonable thinking person into therapy.

The continuing soap opera that is the VPSB took another immature turn last night when four elected members of the school board opted to not show up at the scheduled meeting. The reason, Superintendent Jerome Puyau was going to be present. Oh, and they had other things to do according to an attorney sent letter that was published in the Abbeville Meridional newspaper.

The four members of the board, Sarah Duplechain, Kibbie Pillette, Laura LeBeouf, and David Dupius, are the same four members who abruptly left a scheduled committee meeting at the School Board earlier in the week. The fact that they weren't in attendance left those who were there no choice but to cancel the meeting.

What they’ve done tonight is do what a schoolyard bully does. If he doesn’t get his way, he picks up his marbles and leaves. Those are cowards; they’re not proud enough to come and tell you what they think and prove their point because they don’t have a point.

Those are the comments of Lane Roy, Attorney for the Superintendent as reported by Justice Henderson of KATC TV. 

I think we can all agree that some members of the School Board don't care for Mr. Puyau or the way he handles his business. So far there have been allegations but no concrete evidence that Mr. Puyau is not doing his job within the confines of the job description, board policy, or state law. Actually, there are only alleged allegations because no one has come forward to speak against Mr. Puyau.


The next step in the story could come in the form of legal issues for the board members who decided not to show up. There could be charges of malfeasance in office lodged against them. So far no such charges have been filed.

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