Last night the members of the Vermilion Parish School Board met to take the first step in "what's next" for the parish school system. The board officially opened the search for a new superintendent of schools. The hope is that an individual could be identified and vetted and in place by the time the new school year begins this fall.

The board voted to officially advertise for the position beginning Sunday with notices placed in the Abbeville Meridional and Lafayette's Daily Advertiser.

It was noted that the often embattled board will not procure the services of a search firm for this process. They, the board, will handle the interview and vetting process themselves. The VPSB's history has proven that they are a body that likes to be in control and this way they'll be sure to find a candidate that fits their plans for the school system going forward.

The board has planned an August 3rd meeting for the discussion of the next steps in the hiring process. That process is expected to take about 60 days from the publication of notices about the position until a candidate is brought to the board for approval. In order to be approved or hired, the candidate will require a confirmation from at least five members of the eight-member board.

Despite their well-publicized issues in the board room, Vermilion Parish Schools continue to perform well in regards to state-mandated testing scores. The teachers and students are certainly doing the work. Let's hope the board can settle on a candidate that will continue that progress without all the bad feelings and court costs of previous superintendents.


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