The past few years for the Vermilion Parish School Board haven't been the smoothest sailing. There was the whole "teacher dragged from a school board meeting" incident and then the seemingly never-ending discontent with Superintendent Jerome Puyau. Still, despite "the board" and its issues educators and students in Vermilion Parish were some of the top performers in the state.

Let's hope the results of last night's meeting of the often embattled Vermilion Parish School Board has turned a page. Last night, the VPSB did something I can't recall remembering them do in a long time. They actually agreed on something. They even agreed unanimously to install Tommy Byler as the parish's new Superintendent of Schools.

Byler will leave his job as Principal of North Vermilion High School to take on his new responsibilities today. Although he will be tabbed as interim Superintendent until such time as his contract can be finalized and signed. Byler will take over from Brad Prudhomme who had been serving in the capacity of interim Superintendent during the VPSB search.

Byler told assembled media, guests, and VPSB members that his first order of business would be to live out the mission of the school system, which is Vermilion United. Let's hope that will be the case after so many months of infighting and divisive behavior and actions it's time for a school system that's as strong as the one in Vermilion Parish to earn the accolades it deserves.

Vermilion Parish Schools were scheduled to being classes this week but the reopening of school has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The first day of classes for the school system has been pushed back until August 27th. Vermilion Parish plans a combination of in-person and virtual learning to begin the 2020 school year.


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