The Vermilion Parish School Board and Superintendent Jerome Puyau pulled a fast one on us right at Christmastime. Just as we thought all parties concerned were on the "gonna get coal from Santa" list for their less than exemplary behavior throughout the year they surprise us all with a very mature and respectful agreement that should end their disputes.

At last night's meeting of the Vermilion Parish School Board, it was announced that Jerome Puyau would step down as Superintendent but remain with the Vermilion Parish School System as a consultant through September of 2020. At that time Puyau will be eligible to retire with 30 years service.

The agreement also brings to an end the seemingly endless litigation between the Board and Puyau. According to KATC here are the basics of the agreement between Puyau and the Board.

  • All litigation between parties would be dismissed
  • Puyau will be reimbursed for an automobile allowance he wasn't able to use since his contract was approved in January of 2018 ($15,600)
  • Puyau will be reimbursed $20,000 for attorney fees in all cases.
  • Puyau will submit a letter of resignation effective December 31, 2019
  • Puyau will be transferred to the position of Consultant to the Superintendent, to assist the new superintendent.
  • Puyau will be maintained in that position at his current salary until he's eligible for 30-year retirement on 9/28/20.

Let's hope this closes a rather unique chapter in the history of Vermilion Parish Schools. I say unique because despite the bickering and in my opinion hard-headed self-serving behavior of all parties involved, the schools continued to excel. I hope that part continues because the students and parents of Vermilion Parish deserve a school board and a superintendent that are willing to work as hard as they do.

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