This isn't who we are in Lafayette.

Max Renfro, who is the videographer and content creator for Appalachian St., caught someone in the student section for UL spitting towards staff and players.

This inexcusable behavior was caught on camera during the Sun Belt Conference Championship at Cajun Field last Saturday.

A group of students is seen expressing their feelings towards App St., but one student went too far.

A young man is seen spitting twice towards App St. and once he notices that his actions were being documented, he disappears into the crowd.

Look, let's get right to it---This is NOT who we are at UL or in Lafayette. Cajuns fans have often been applauded for their hospitality, thus that is why many who are associated with UL do not condone this type of behavior.

UL is known for welcoming opposing fans and the actions by some last Saturday do not reflect who UL is or how Cajuns fans treat others.

With all of that said, we apologize to the players and staff of Appalachian St. for what you had to endure during the championship game at Cajun Field.

We promise you, the next time you come back, you will not be greeted as such.

The actions by some at UL have caught the attention of many who are loyal Cajuns fans and they too are disgusted by this type of behavior. Here's what some have said on social media since this above video has gone viral.

Like some UL fans, App St. fans have addressed the behavior of some and even after seeing this, App St. fans seemed to really enjoy their experience at Cajun Field and in Lafayette.

By the way, we spotted an App St. fan Sunday in Lafayette for the annual Sonic Christmas Parade and we gifted him with Mardi Gras beads to match his team's colors. This is who we really are in Lafayette.

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