Who's trying this today?

There is a new trend going around on TikTok and it shows a man twisting his bacon prior to cooking it and he swears that it is the best bacon he's ever eaten.

I am assuming this helps contain the "juice" in the bacon while cooking it, thus not allowing it to dry out, so yes, I'll give it a try too.

Now, because this is on the internet, I am assuming someone already knew this and that's great, but if so, please report here. How was it? Is the bacon actually better?

And if you haven't ever tried it, here's the video to instruct you on how to make your bacon taste even BETTER.  

@richardeatsTwisted Bacon. Absolutely delicious. @babyphotog @lowcarbstateofmind @houseofketo #Bacon #LearnOnTikTok #EasyRecipes #CrispyBacon #Delicious #Yum # ♬ original sound - RichardEats

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