The Louisiana Jeepers, a local Jeep club, is having their monthly "Topless Tuesday" ride tomorrow evening.

Of course, by "topless", we're talking about the Jeeps. But, whatever; to each his (or her) own.

This month's Topless Tuesday will be invading Buffalo Wild Wings on the Northside, off of I-49 at Pont des Mouton, from 6:30 until 9 pm.

The Louisiana Jeepers is a non-profit organization consisting of family and friends who love off-road adventures and the great outdoors. Their mission is to help support local charities and to provide a fun, clean, family atmosphere while treading lightly on the environment.   From helping with the annual 'jeep jaunt' and Buzzardville Boucharie to countless cook-offs and other events, the Louisiana Jeepers are a major fund-raising force in Acadiana.

If  you own a Jeep, the Louisiana Jeepers would love for you to know more about what they do!

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