UPDATE - The Jeep has reportedly been found.

(Original story below)

A Lafayette man is asking the public's help after his jeep was stolen from the Lafayette Shooters' parking lot on  Ambassador Caffery. while he was shopping.

eep Stolen at Lafayette Shooters
Facebook Via Caleb Luquette

Jeep Stolen From Lafayette Shooters In Lafayette

Earlier today (04/28/22) as Reiss Hebert was shopping at Lafayette Shooters on Ambassador Caffery in Lafayette, someone brazenly walked up to his Jeep in the parking lot, hopped in it, and took off.

Looks like the thief has a New Original Daquiris' cup, doesn't it?

In a post to Facebook, Reiss' friend Caleb Luquette says -

"My buddy Reiss Heberts jeep just got stolen out of the Lafayette Shooters parking lot. If any sees this jeep around the Lafayette area please contact one of us, or the Lafayette Police Department, please. Caleb Luquette (1-337-523-9030) Reiss Hebert (1-337-517-7878) TIA"

As you can see in the video, the thief casually walks up to the jeep, looks inside it, then just helped himself and sped away out of the Lafayette Shooters' parking lot.

If you see this man or this vehicle, please contact the Lafayette Police Dept. at (337) 291-8600.

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