A CVS pharmacy location in Washington, DC has resorted to putting pictures of items on shelves (instead of the actual items) after months of rampant theft. Pictures surfaced this weekend showing framed images of toilet paper and other essential products. There is also a button on the shelf for customers to press if they need assistance.


Retailers in Louisiana and across the country are dealing with a massive increase in theft incidents, leading to substantial losses for businesses. From shoplifting to organized retail crime the impact is real. Experts say it not only affects the financial stability of the individual stores but also the safety of employees and customers.

This video from the same store back in May shows an employee standing by while a man filled a bag with items from the store shelves.


The Legal Trouble With This Trend

Despite the obvious threat that has been pointed out by online commenters, legal constraints often leave store employees with their hands tied when it comes to confronting suspected shoplifters. Some stores have even adjusted policies that in many ways 'allow' someone to steal to avoid legal liability.

Last year, a manager of a Lafayette Academy store was terminated after getting involved in an altercation with a customer who he suspected of stealing. See the viral video below.

Within the legal framework in some states, store employees often find themselves unable to confront potential shoplifters. The real fear of legal trouble means that many employees will simply let the crime happen.

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