Hunters in Louisiana are quietly shifting gears about the way they get in and out of the woods as E-Bike sales across Louisiana are on the increase. And yes, it's exactly what you think, an electric bicycle that can be used for hunting, even for hunting large game like deer.

The first thing you need to realize is this, unless you have seen the modern interpretation of the E-Bike then you probably don't have a clear picture of what the technology is all about.

BowhuntingRoad via YouTube
BowhuntingRoad via YouTube

As you can see these bikes are a world away from the 10-speed bike you got from Sears when you were a kid or the banana bike that you used to pop wheelies on in your neighborhood. These electric bikes are fast becoming a high-tech addition to the Louisiana hunter's arsenal.

I spoke with Daniel Jackson who owns Lafayette Shooters a Lafayette-based outdoors store that's been serving sportsmen in the area since 1967. Daniel told me the benefits of the E-Bike are many. The bikes make getting hunters to and from their deer stands easier and faster. Some of the electric bikes can travel at speeds of up to 20 mph.

Daniel also mentioned a couple of major differences between an E-Bike and a four-wheeler or side-by-side. One was how quiet the bikes are. Not only do they have a quiet electric motor but with only two wheels your cracking half the fallen branches and leaves that you would with a four-wheeled vehicle.

BowhuntingRoad via YouTube
BowhuntingRoad via YouTube

Jackson also stated that the bikes have the power and the accessories to haul in what you need for the hunt and if you bag a trophy buck, they have the oomph and the cargo space, yeah there's a "trailer" on these bikes, to bring your big buck out of the woods too.

Daniel also told me that many of the Wild Life Management areas allow E-Bike use by hunters too. He did suggest that you check specifically to see if there were restrictions on what size bike could be used in the WMA.

Here's what we found about E-Bike usage in Louisiana courtesy of

Louisiana – Yes. Must carry an operator’s license and registration. Helmets are required.
State Parks: Class 1 e-bikes are allowed wherever traditional bicycles are allowed.
State Forests and Other State Lands: Potentially open to e-bikes. Contact your state agency.
National Forests: Potentially. Contact your local Forest Service office for more information.
Other Federal Lands: Most other federal lands are open to e-bikes.

The price of an E-Bike for hunting can range from about $1,000 to as much as $10,000 or more depending on the wattage and the accessories you want. Jackson's Lafayette-based store carries two different sizes but, I bet they could find you whatever you were looking for. Many of the bikes come with pedal assist so you can do a little pedalling and get some exercise or you could be like me and just let the electric motor do all the work.

Of course, there is one other caveat you might want to consider, when is the last time you rode a bike? Well, trust us these bikes are designed for folks like you and me. The tires are big and wide to allow for a smoother and stable ride. The saddle is made for those of us who pack ample buttocks into our camo pants. And the bikes can run for a long time on just a single charge too.

They really are just like riding a bike because, well, you are. And speaking of "high-tech", do you remember when these things were "cutting edge"?

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