Some vehicle owners in Louisiana are finding small rubber ducks on their vehicles and there's a meaning to this "gift" left by others.

I recently saw a photo that someone posted on social media and it shows a small rubber duck left behind on their vehicle, so I decided to look up the meaning behind the duck left on someone's vehicle.

Well, as it turns out this is a nice gesture by someone, and that someone is usually from the Jeep community.

According to a few articles that I read, jeep owners often leave these rubber ducks behind on other jeeps that they admire. So, if you own a jeep and you find a small rubber duck on it, chances are it was left there by another person who owns a Jeep.

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Those who find them are often excited to find the small duck on their vehicle because they know that someone who saw their vehicle admires and respects it.

One article that I read also notes that the rubber ducks left behind also help put smiles on people's faces and that the kind gesture can be the difference between someone having a good day or a bad day.

Now, even though I don't own a Jeep, I may use some of the small rubber ducks we caught in Mardi Gras parades and place them on random vehicles in our area.

I love that this small gesture can make someone's day. I'd also encourage you to consider purchasing some small rubber ducks and leave on vehicles, it just may be what someone needs to start or end their day.

Here's a report on "Ducking" and how some who receive the ducks hold onto them and are proud to display them..


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