It was a wild night in Baton Rouge as the LSU Tigers took on the Florida Gators in a pivotal SEC matchup.

Not only did the weather Saturday resemble a great duck hunting day in south Louisiana, but it also added an actual duck into the mix of things in Tiger Stadium.

The duck landed on the playing field and it was scared off by a coach so that the warm-ups prior to the game could resume.

Well, it didn't end there because the duck then flew into the stands, where there were a bunch of fired-up LSU fans.

One fan saw the duck land in the stands and then ran to the bird and grabbed it. As you'll see here, the fan then raised the duck above his head in victory.

attachment-Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 11.48.20 AM

It's as if the fan scored a game-winning touchdown for the Tigers. As you'd expect, the entire stadium erupted as soon as the fan caught and raised the duck.

Now, we don't know what happened to the duck but we assume it'll be the last time it ever visits "Death Valley" on a Saturday night.

Check out the duck that visited the field and the fans at LSU as the Tigers defeated the Florida Gators.

Here's another angle from the wild scene from LSU last night. Listen to the roar of the fans as soon as the fan catches the bird.


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