Upper Lafayette, Carencro, whatever you call that stretch of Lafayette Parish that's north of Interstate 10 has been booming lately. There's certainly been an influx of new businesses and shopping areas. Just yesterday Prejean's Restaurant opened the drive-thru service of their newly remodeled location. and will soon be opening in full in the coming weeks.

While the Prejean's opening is truly good news for food lovers of South Louisiana, we might be in store for even better news by the year 2022. It has been reported that Baton Rouge-based TJ Ribs is eyeing a location near Prejean's for a new store of their own.

According to a report in The Advocate, the company actually acquired the property about four years ago. The company is currently opening or rather re-opening a location in Prairieville using a fast-casual concept. According to The Advocate, should that location be successful then TJ Ribs could be moving forward with construction on a Carencro location within the next year and a half.

It's also been reported that TJ Ribs is looking at expansion plans into Lake Charles, Alexandria, and Shreveport in the future. But I am sure they are waiting on a little bit better economic climate, you know that whole pandemic and all, before moving forward.

Regardless, I certainly hope that we'll soon be able to add TJ Ribs to our roster of great places to eat in Acadiana. I do love barbeque and I like ribs especially. This could be great news for our local economy and not so good news for my waistline. But, I'm willing to sacrifice, especially if it means great barbeque.

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