Once word spread about Prejean's restaurant being closed, many people started to ask, "What is happening with the old Prejean's restaurant?"

Well, we have known for a little while now that the owner of Deano's Pizza, Tim Metcalf, along with a few of his business partners, have purchased the restaurant. We also knew that he wanted to reopen the restaurant as Prejean's. Today, we found out even more.


Metcalf posted to the "Foodies of Lafayette" Facebook Page today, with a better explanation of what they are envisioning for the restaurant. What is the explanation? Well, it'll have a hint of Deano's, but it will also be much like the "old" Prejean's.

The music will stay with more variety... Brunches are planned and menu offerings will be amazing! - Tim Metcalf, owner

The first point that Metcalf wanted to get across is this: it will not become another Deano's. His plan is to bring back the Prejean's that we knew from years ago, with "fresh local ingredients cooked as Cajuns do" and, of course, a little of the Deano's magic sprinkled in. Many of the dishes you are accustomed to at Prejean's, Metcalf says, will be back when the restaurant reopens.

In staying true to "local", Metcalf said that he wants to keep our culture alive by continuing to offer local music which, in turn, helps keep our local musicians employed.

The target date for us to get a good bowl of gumbo again at Prejean's is February 8th. Tim, we can't wait!

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