One famous Cajun restaurant in Carencro off of I-49 has seen a number of celebrities show up unannounced, but there was one celebrity who ate there that the owner missed out on.

I was recently speaking with Tim Metcalf, who owns Prejean's, about celebrities who've eaten at his restaurant in Carencro, and he named several.

Dustin Poirier is a regular at Prejean's and others like Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Rush Limbaugh, and more have walked through the doors of the restaurant unannounced.


However, there is one celebrity that ate at Prejean's that Tim Metcalf wanted to meet, but he simply didn't recognize him when he was in a private room of the restaurant.

Metcalf told me that Hank Williams Jr. was recently in Prejean's and when a waiter informed him of who was there, Metcalf didn't believe him.

So, Tim took a peek into the room where the iconic singer was sitting, and he didn't think it was him.

Hank Williams Jr. had lost a lot of weight by that time, thus that's why the owner of the Cajun restaurant did not recognize him---but it was indeed the country music icon.

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Metcalf would go on to tell me that many have requested their gumbo in recent years like Rhonda Rousey and even pop icon Ed Sheeran.

As a matter of fact, Ed Sheeran recently requested the gumbo from Prejean's while performing at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

The singer was given gumbo from another restaurant and he said it wasn't the same, then requested they get the famous gumbo from Prejean's.

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The restaurant in Carencro has been a stop for many celebrities throughout the years as they travel through south Louisiana, and Metcalf says you never know who you may see while there for lunch or dinner.

So, the next time you're in Prejean's you may want to keep an eye open for someone famous who is passing through.

Heck, they too may be looking for a photo with the large alligator at the entrance to the restaurant.



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