Courtesy of Up With The People
Courtesy of Up With The People

A guy gets in his car and seeks out some of the most run-down areas of Lafayette, La. Most of the areas, what he considers "Lafayette Louisiana Hoods", are of North (Upper) Lafayette. CharlieBo313 has a YouTube channel that contains videos of "Hood" area of cities around the country.

CharlieBo313 made his way to Lafayette and drove around the city looking for some of the poorest areas of Lafayette.

Some comments thank him, others say he didn't go deep enough into the areas and doesn't really show how bad the areas in the video really are. Then there were those who defended the ares in the video, claiming those are the areas with the best food and nicest people in the city.

I'm born and raised in Laffy, trust me, y'all didn't go deep enough. Y'all just skirted the edge of the "hood"!! -Southbound Eightyone

Sunlight Artistry
I'm from Lafayette (Northside where he's filming) not all of Northside looks like this Lol. But these neighborhoods (where he's filming) are where you'll find the best food, laughter and good families and some of the best schools! Don't let the term "hood" fool you!

Melanie Bonnet
"You passed by Miami Moon. The hood club if there ever was one. Back in the day, it was called the Mahogany Lounge."

"It's really not that bad. I ride my longboard down the street in the thumbnail every day for work (at night) people are always friendly!"
"Lafayette on a I-10 hood scale I give Lafayette a solid 7 1/2 I wanna give it an 8 but idk I just can't I'm sticking with 7 1/2 that's my final hood score."

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