According to The Advocate, there are three crawfish farms in the Acadiana area that are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks. These are the first clusters for crawfish farms announced by the state since the pandemic. Approximately 100 people have tested positive at the three farms.  According to the Office of Public Health, outbreaks were among migrant workers that are living in tight living quarters.

The Louisiana Department of Health did not name the three crawfish farms. These private businesses are working very closely with the LDH to prevent further spread of the disease. They are making sure workers at the farms understand where and when to be tested.

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The Acadiana area has seen an increase in the new coronavirus cases. The Louisiana Department of Health did say it is monitoring the increase and the worksite outbreaks. Initially, Louisiana recommended against testing people without symptoms. But recently, they started encouraging testing for COVID-19 at settings like nursing homes and prisons to follow federal guidelines.

According to, Governor John Bel Edwards and Assistant Secretary of Health Alex Billioux said one crawfish farm outbreak was mentioned at the coronavirus news conference at the state Capitol in Baton Rouge and that led to broader testing. After further investigation, they discovered outbreaks at two other crawfish farms in the south-central part of Louisiana.

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