The Centers for Disease Control, the United States health protection agency, has issued an alert of a possible Listeria outbreak linked to the consumption of mushrooms.

Listeria Monocytogenes infections can be very dangerous and even deadly, and those who are pregnant, have a compromised immune system, or are of an age over 65 years are especially susceptible.

This alert from the Centers for Disease Control comes after studies show that people were sickened after eating raw enoki mushrooms.

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As of yet, there are no reported deaths related to this possible outbreak. Both of the individuals who were sickened by eating the raw enoki mushrooms were men, and both are under the age of 45.

The CDC reported that, in 2021, a shipment of raw enoki mushrooms was tested at its arrival port and did test positive for Listeria. That shipment was seized and destroyed.

The CDC has not determined the same merchant to be the origin of the mushrooms in question in this alert.

Research completed by the CDC shows that Listeria bacteria from both men infected were tested, and those tests show that the Listeria bacteria likely came from the same source. Both men had consumed raw enoki mushrooms.

CDC advises people who are pregnant, aged 65 or older, or have a weakened immune system to not eat raw enoki mushrooms. CDC also advises restaurants to not serve raw enoki mushrooms. Cook enoki mushrooms thoroughly to kill any foodborne germs. - Centers for Disease Control

If you are pregnant, of the age of 65 or older, or have a weakened or compromised immune system, the Centers for Disease Control is advising that you should NOT consume raw enoki mushrooms.

They should be cooked thoroughly before being enjoyed.

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