If you've ever though to yourself "Man, I really wish I had a hoodie with a special pocket to store a slice of pizza..." you're in luck! The Pizza Pocket Hoodie is here and will solve all of your pizza holding problems.

Yes, this is a real thing. And, yes, I feel like I need one in my life.

I mean, do I really need a sweatshirt with a pocket that holds a slice of pizza? Probably not. But, you have to admit, it's a  pretty cool and quirky idea.

According to foodandwine.com, the Pizza Pocket Hoodie launched on Kickstarter on February 26th and has already made it halfway to it's $5,000 goal. Not too shabby!

If you're curious about the whole "holding pizza in your clothes" concept, don't worry it's not going to be as messy as you think. The Pizza Pocket Hoodie comes with a custom insulated pouch that you store your pizza in, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

Wanna get in on a "pizza" the action? Check out the Pizza Pocket Hoodie's Kickstarter page!

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