This is good to know.

If you or someone you know has a first date planned in the near future, you may want to take note of this bit of information.

Relationship experts have identified three colors you want to avoid wearing while out on a first date.

The first color experts say to not wear is brown. The color brown may signify that you are not adventurous or perhaps even too conservative. If you do wear brown, you should wear a lighter shade of the color.


Next, relationship experts say that you should avoid wearing yellow on a first date. Why yellow? Well, yellow is more of a "friendly" color, and if you're on a first date you are likely seeking more than just a friendship.

You also want to avoid wearing the color black on a first date. Experts say wearing too much black on the date may have you looking to "Goth," which could be a turnoff.


One more thing, avoid wearing colors that are too bright on a first date. Bright colors may be distracting and may signify that you are "trying too hard" on the date

So, I hope that these tips help you or someone you know if a first date is on the calendar.


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