This is wild.

A young lady Tweeted the texts she got from a guy who she went out with a few times. The two went out on three separate dates, but when things didn't work out, she ended it.

Well, the guy who took the woman out on the dates requested via text that she pay for a portion of the expenses being that they would no longer be "seeing each other".

In the photo below, you can see that in his messages he requested that the woman, Alex, reimburse him for $35, being that he paid for their food and drinks while out on the dates.

The young lady who shared this conversation seems to be flabbergasted by his audacity to ask for money, thus that is why she is posting the message.

Now, the Tweet below has gone viral and the woman has NOT paid the man back. I ask, has this ever happened to you? If so, let me know what happened and how did you end such an exchange?

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