The mullet era may be over.

Singer Morgan Wallen shocked fans at a recent concert in Ohio when he showed up with a clean shaved face and no more mullet.

Yes, his signature mullet and long hair are gone as the country singer showed up with a shaved head, which was concealed by a red ball cap.

Fans flocked to his social media pages to confirm what was being reported and as you may expect, some fans were in shock by this drastic change and some even questioned why he'd move on from the mullet.

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Well, it appears that the mullet era may be gone, and now it will be interesting to see if a lot of young boys and young men who were sporting the mullet decide to let it go too.

While it may be strange to see this country star with no hair or short hair, it is not a first. Wallen had short hair prior to his appearance on The Voice in 2014.

Since his controversial days, Morgan Wallen has been very generous when it comes to charity and making donations to those in need, and his fans have responded.

This 30-year-old singer appears to be doing just fine financially and his records have been on top of various music charts for months now.

Here are some photos of Morgan Wallen's new look from his concert in Columbus, Ohio.


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