He wants those in attendance to enjoy the show.

Garth Brooks will soon have his own residency in Las Vegas, at Caesar's Palace, and there will be a strict policy enforced upon entry.

It has been announced that cell phones will not be permitted into the arena where the country music icon is performing.

Rather, cell phones will be locked and secured in a pouch.

For those hoping to capture the moment of Brooks on stage, there will be a QR code in each pouch so that those in attendance can download photos of the concert.

58th Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show
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As for the photos taken, they will be free to download and will be taken by professional photographers.

Brooks promises many surprises for his residency and he promises fans that the special moments will be well-documented and that fans will have access to those moments after the show.

As you may expect, there are mixed feelings about this policy, but I would not be shocked to see and hear more artists implement such a policy.

Too often those who attend concerts are obsessed with capturing a moment on their phone and fail to take in the moment of a performance.

Some comedians on tour have already implemented such cell phone policies upon entry and after speaking to some who have had to forfeit their phones upon entry, they say that they enjoyed the show much more without the device in their possession.

"Garth Brooks/Plus ONE" kicks off next week.


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