Weddings in Louisiana can be very beautiful, but they can also be very challenging for brides.

In recent years I have noticed that brides are doing their best to schedule around the extreme temperatures in the Deep South, but even the spring,  fall, and winter weddings here can be challenging.

So, with that said, brides need to consider having something nearby on their big day, and yes, it's another expense.

Look, we know that weddings are very expensive these days, but this one article of clothing can save the night or day for brides in Louisiana.


And while venues here in south Louisiana do their best to make it comfortable for couples and their guests on wedding days, it can be challenging because of the heat in Louisiana.

Well, there is one way brides can beat the heat during their reception and that is to have another white dress or suit on standby, and by dress, I mean one that is not so elegant or heavy.

In recent months I have seen so many brides struggle as the reception goes on and at times the brides look miserable on their wedding day because of their dress weighing them down.


Again, I know it's another expense but a much lighter dress or suit to dress into mid-way through the reception may allow brides to enjoy the final hours of their reception.

After all, the last few hours of every reception are the most fun, and brides should be able to enjoy the time with friends and family.

Hey. it's something to think about for all future brides and I hope that my recent observations help brides enjoy what they deserve---the best day of their lives.

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