A disgruntled anonymous bridesmaid has dropped out of her friend's wedding because of the extreme demands being placed on those in the wedding party, in particular, the bridesmaids.

You've heard of bridezillas before but this bride may be the leader of the entire bridezilla kingdom.

In a three-part screenshot, the exbridesmaid aired her grievances on "Choosing Beggars" where people share stories about those who go overboard over stuff.

The Brides Demands

  • All bridesmaids have to be a size 8.
  • All bridesmaids must have uncolored nails.
  • All bridesmaids must have shoulder-length straight hair.
  • All bridesmaids must donate $500 for honeymoon expenses.
  • Fake tans are not allowed.
  • Children are not allowed.

If bridesmaids aren't a size 8, they must hit the gym and do what it takes to be a size 8 in time for the December wedding.

If a bridesmaid has long hair, it must be cut to shoulder length. And if a bridesmaid's hair is too short, extensions should be used.

All bridesmaids must donate $500 to the bride for her Hawaiian honeymoon.

No children will be allowed with the exception of the flower girl who will be taken home immediately after her duties.

The future bride has also expressed to the fiance's sister, she must wear baggy clothes or she's not allowed to attend. She also kicked her dad out of the wedding because he would not allow the couple to use his backyard.

The Oklahoma bride wants her wedding day to be perfect.

I'm sorry if this seems like a lot of demands but this is a special day and I just want it like I always pictured. Plz be respectful and we will have an awesome time.-The bride to bridesmaids

She ends her message by saying, "Lov you guys can't wait to be a wifey".

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