Facebook is probably the best place to find easy dinner recipes, DIY project how-to videos, the philosophy that may or may not change your life.

Need a cheesy chicken pasta recipe? Facebook has one.

Want to refurbish your old rocking chair? Someone on Facebook has a video with directions.

Every now and then you will also come across a video that would be classified as a "head scratcher." Well, here is your every now and then video.

It's one of those that just speaks for itself. Enjoy!

The beginning of the video really has the mind going in a couple different directions. It couldn't be anything too dangerous because the creator, Jordan Flom, describes it as a life hack.

Fast forward to the end and you have a weed eater...I think?

Flom actually has an entire archive of his own life hack videos that are pretty interesting to watch. You can check them all out on his Facebook.

PS: The man can do something pretty impressive with bacon and pool noodles. You're welcome.

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