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5 Things Everyone Should Have
There are some things in this world that many people would love to own: their dream car, their dream home, a monkey, and then there are some things in this world that everyone should own.  
My Fitted Sheet Balls Up In Dryer
I washed my bed linens today and, as usual, my fitted sheet balled up in the dryer, with all of the other bedding inside of it. When it balls up, it takes forever to dry, so I end up having to dry the fitted sheet separately, which I don't like because it uses more electricity and time...
How To Ripen An Avocado In 10 Minutes [VIDEO]
You are in the produce section of your local grocery store going through an entire box of avocados to find one ripe enough to use for dinner but they are all as hard as a rock. What do you do?
Fishing/Crabbing Life Hack
I went fishing with my buddy Hobeaux over the weekend, and this is how he had rigged up his dipnet to prevent loss from dropping it in the water.

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