Are thieves really stealing cars using only empty water bottles? Furthermore, how the heck do you steal a car using an empty water bottle? Here's what I found out.

As you'll see in the video below, reportedly thieves will take an empty water bottle and wedge it between the tire and the wheel well on the passenger's side of the car. As the driver takes off, they hear the noise of the water bottle crushing and stop the car to see what's going on.

As the driver walks around the car to inspect the noise, the car thief hops in the vehicle and drives off. Or, the thief could simply grab a purse out the front seat and take off.

Is this all just internet hooey to whip us all in a panic over nothing? I'm not sure, but the technique seems plausible to me. I haven't heard of this happening in Acadiana, just wanted to bring this to your attention just in case.

Have you heard of this happening in Acadiana?


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