Despite rumors that Prince Albert II of Monaco's fiancée, 33-year-old ex-Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, was calling off their wedding and going home to South Africa, The royal couple will wed this weekend.

According to the French news magazine L'Express, there were reports the future princess was getting cold feet just days before the royal nuptials. Rumors stated Wittstock found out  that ‘Albert had not been leading the exemplary life she thought,’ according to People Magazine.

A chief advisor to Prince Albert, Christiane Stahl, says the claims are just ‘ugly rumors’ and ‘the very incarnation of jealousy.’ She added that ‘only jealously could push people to start such violent, such ugly rumors just a few days before a marriage.’

Prince Albert II of Monaco’s lawyer says he intends to seek an injunction against the publication that ignited the false rumors. The royal couple will marry in a two-day extravagant celebration taking place tomorrow and Saturday.

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