The story of Kayla Lemieux is one that involves many twists and turns.

She is a woman who decided in 2021 to start making the transition from being a man to being a woman. At that time, she was a Oakville Trafalgar High in Ontario, but will now be teaching at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School.

The controversy began at Oakville with some parents who were not pleased with the way Lemieux would dress.

She claimed that as part of her transition estrogen hormones were giving her a case of Gigantomastia. With this condition, a person's breasts become extremely large. In the case of Lemieux are Z-cup-sized breasts. Lemieux also claims that she is intersex.

Lemieux then later revealed that she had not received any formal diagnosis of this condition from a doctor. She insists that her breasts are real, but there are now photographs that show her without them.

Once the photos circulated in the Toronto Sun newspaper things began to change.

Lemieux was then put on unpaid leave from Oakville back in April of last year because she was photographed dressed as a man, and there were no breasts. While on unpaid leave, she was able to secure another teaching position at Nora Frances.

While Lemieux continues to insist the breasts are natural, the pictures of her without them suggest otherwise. A once supportive school board district did end up suspending her.

The school board district she worked for when she taught at Oakville is the same one that oversees her new school. So questions are continuing about what steps to take now. The principal of her new school is very supportive. Parents have been very vocal about their concerns about how the woman presents herself in front of students.

Some parents say they were told it's illegal to tell Leimeux how she can dress, while one parent believes the school board just won't do it because "they don't have the backbone".

The principal at her new school sent a letter out to parents detailing multiple security changes and increases that are being made as Lemieux has joined the staff.

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