Things that people do in local, state, or federal government can make anyone very angry from time to time. As civilized individuals, we have chosen to elect people to serve in governmental bodies to try to shape legislation and laws that benefit all. But again, they may do things we don't agree with.

What we do when we disagree with an elected official says plenty about what kind of world we want to live in. Over in the country of Kosovo, they have a political history that I think we can safely deem as sometimes "hostile" to one another in the government body. They have had physical altercations with each other that have been well-documented.

Several days back there was another such incident in which a member of parliament who was angry about something went up to the podium while someone was speaking and tore down a small piece of paper. The next thing you see another guy approaches with another piece of paper and a glass of water is thrown.

The glass of water was mild compared to what happened next because then came the slapping, the hair-pulling, and then the punching. Reuters reports this latest incident all got started when a member of the opposition threw water on the Prime Minister. Here is what the latest incident was like:

Reuters reports,

On Thursday, a video from inside the parliament showed an opposition party MP throwing water at (Prime Minister) Kurti and his deputy. The brawl then spread when other opposition and governing coalition lawmakers approached the podium where ministers are seated.

Disagreements about tensions in the northern part of Kosovo have lawmakers at each other's throats.



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