A giant sculpture in Cheadle, Alberta, Canada has thousands of people driving miles down a dirt road to a small farming community to see something extremely unusual. It's a giant Cheeto with giant fingers covered in orange Cheeto dust.

The giant Cheeto and fingers sculpture has people driving from literally all over the world to see it. At any given time there are 40 to 50 vehicles parked or driving slowly to see the strange figure. That in itself is strange as Cheadle, Alberta only has a population of just over 80 people.

Cheetos has the sculpture built and placed in Cheadle because the town's name sounds like "cheetle" the official name for Cheetos dust. A company that makes movie props designed the roadside Cheeto and fingers. But some of the locals are not happy about Cheetos' little (giant) publicity stunt.

One resident says the town is, "getting nothing out of this other than a lot of tourists rolling through our town." The sculpture is even getting the attention of celebrities.

Singer K. D. Lang loves it!

PepsiCo Funded the Sculpture

Giant Roadside Cheeto Sculpture Causing Attention in Cheadle, Alberta

Giant Cheeto and Fingers Draws Thousands of Tourists to Small Town

Cheetos Installs 17-Foot-Sculpture

PepsiCo plans to have the giant Cheeto and fingers in Cheadle until November 4, 2022, however, there is already talk within the small community about having it removed before then. The quiet community is not so quiet these days and that has a few people in the small town a bit unhappy.

But this dog doesn't mind at all.

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