There's no denying that Whataburger may have some of the most supportive fans of all in the fast food game. Case in point, the "Whataburger Museum of Art".

Whataburger says via their website they feel very fortunate to have "so many talented fans who have transformed their love for the Whataburger brand into pieces of artwork."

I was unaware folks were making artwork in tribute to their favorite fast food restaurant, but I'm kind of liking the idea of it.

In tribute to their super fans and to celebrate their support, Whataburger decided to start the "Whataburger Museum of Art", a collection of artwork on Instagram "by the fans and for the fans."

From -

The initial collection features 16 artists from cities across our 10-state footprint and beyond. It includes a variety of perspectives and interpretations of Whataburger fandom, with the artwork sourced through Instagram and online galleries.


We encourage everyone who visits @TheWMOA to explore the artists' accounts to support them and purchase their artwork.


The WMOA you see above is just the beginning of some seriously fun, and really great art.

Check out more at @TheWMOA

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