A delicious hamburger from Whataburger sounds like a terrific treat for lunch or dinner. Getting it for free is just like a giant cherry on top. It is something that you could receive in the near future.

If you think about it, a hamburger can be such a personal item. When I order a hamburger, I want it fully "dressed", and what that means to me is I want lettuce, tomato, a few slices of onion, some mayonnaise, and ketchup. It might mean something different to another person.

There can be endless combinations for what the "perfect" version of a hamburger might be, and I'll leave that up to you. What I want to share with you is that Whataburger restaurants will be launching its inaugural "Whataburger Day" on August 8, 2023.

According to the website, they are doing this in honor of their founder,

National Whataburger Day honors what our founder, Harmon Dobson, started over 70 years ago while looking toward a bright future. In celebration of the brand’s 73rd birthday, Whataburger is proudly proclaiming August 8 National Whataburger Day!

Here is something important you need to know if you are going to celebrate "Whataburger Day". You need to download their app, and from what their website explains you will need to already have made a purchase using the app prior to the big day.

Sign up for the app, Whataburger Rewards for your chance to get a chance for a free burger on August 7 and 8.

Here are the rules Whataburger says need to be followed:

  • Download the Whataburger App on the App Store for iOS or get it on Google Play for Android.
  • Create a Whataburger Rewards account. It's free to sign up!
  • Have placed at least one order on the app within the past 12 months to be considered an active user.

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