(AP) Blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll legendary guitarist Jeff Beck has died at the age of 78. Beck influenced generations of guitarists around the world. Many call Beck the "guitar player's guitar player".

Associated Press is reporting Beck died after "suddenly contracting bacterial meningitis", according to Beck's publicist in a statement released  Wednesday.

Tony Iommi, guitarist for Black Sabbath was shocked to hear the news of Beck's death.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Beck was a member of the group The Yardbirds, replacing Eric Clapton. He later branched out as the leader of his own band The Jeff Beck Group and solo career.

Jeff Beck used distorted and feedback guitar sound effects that revolutionized the music industry.

Jeff Beck
Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images

The New York Times said, "Drawing on such techniques, Mr. Beck could weaponize his strings to hit like a stun gun, or caress them to express what felt like a kiss".

The whammy bar on Beck's Fender Stratocaster was his friend. Mr. Beck created sounds that were never heard before.

Joe Perry of Aerosmith called Beck, "the best".

I’m in shock after hearing this incredibly sad news. My thoughts are with his wife Sandra and his entire family. -Peter Framton

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