It's a Christmas miracle.

Quite possibly the most anticipated holiday snack each year is Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes. Well, now, it's being made into ice cream.

You read correctly -- Little Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream is a bonafide thing! And it's about time. "Santa's favorite treat" has been around since 1985.

Little Debbie announced yesterday that its popular treat will soon be available exclusively at Walmart in ice cream form. This actually marks the first time (but hopefully not the last) that the brand has slid on into the ice cream aisle.

The Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream will feature vanilla ice cream loaded with delicious golden cake chunks alongside a swirl of the cake's traditional red icing and green sprinkles.

The ice cream will be available at Walmart locations nationwide starting November 1 and will be sold for $2.50 a pint.

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